Employee Code of Ethics for the world of crypto and neobrokers

We're the next generation of employee Code of Ethics compliance, whether you’re a fund, an exchange, or a trading firm.

Join us in the future of compliance where thousands of employee accounts feed.

Backed by leading venture firms and investors:

Founders, CEO’s, and CCO’s from some of the world’s most valuable fintechs, regtechs, and crypto companies.

Argus is changing how employees comply, and how firms help them to do so.

Unlock tech-forward risk control

Full-stack Code of Ethics compliance to operationalize your policies via next-gen tech


Unique account coverage

Track personal account dealing across 1000's of exchange, brokerage and wallet feeds against our assets master updated daily


Other activities functionality

Let employees report gifts like airdrops, donations to favourite causes, and outside business activities in a unified tool


Best-in-class analytics

Get data-driven AML, undeclared wallet, and insider trading insights to control risk within your team

Why Argus


The fastest go-live in compliance

If time is money, months spent onboarding costs you something. Onboard with us in <1 week.


Global customer success and support

We're a startup. Customers are everthing. Here, publically, we commit to support of Mon-Sat 4am - 10pm EST. Ask our customers.


The end of paper and manual review

The time saved for you, compliance colleagues, and across the whole firm with feeds is off the chart.


A genuinely modern employee experience

Make compliance seamless with the user experience employees expect from consumer tech, not from 2005.

Industries We Work With

Digital Assets

Lead the industry with compliance as your competitive advantage for retail, business customers, and even regulators. This is the opportunity to set a higher standard of compliance, and one that's easier for your employees, before it is a strict requirement. We're happy to introduce you to our customers who are setting standards for an entire industry.

Financial Services

Drive best-practice compliance among your employees, so that you're now setting the standard for your peers. Our tech can help further operationalize your policies to achieve an industry-leading position. We're happy to introduce you to our customers who are pushing compliance to be as good as possible for their firms.

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